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Ruby L. Moultrie

Pampa High School Class of 1973



Ruby L. Moultrie, though born in Plainview, Texas, was raised in Pampa, Texas.  She moved to Pampa with her family at the age of two.  Ruby takes pride in the fact that her mother, Artie Mae Moultrie, was selected and named Mother of the Year in 1972.  She, Mrs. Moultrie, taught her children about self pride and personal desire.  Ruby is one of five children, all of whom are dedicated to a love of God, a love of family, and a love of life.  This started with Ruby at a very early age.  She grew up as a member of St. Mark CME church where she was quite happy being active in the choir and several other activities of the church.  God has been the center of her life all her life.


While attending Pampa High School, Ruby excelled in many areas.  Academics were a source of fun as well as being a challenge.  Her most furious competitor was herself.  She faced each challenge as an opportunity.  Ms. Moultrie participated in the choral program being the choir president her sophomore year and continuing with music the following years.  She was a member and captain in the pep squad and a member of the National Honor Society.  Upon graduation, she received the Business and Professional Women scholarship, the Hugh Sanders Award, and performed for the Rotary Club.


Performing, especially vocally, has been a part of Ms. Moultrie’s life from the ripe old age of three.  She grew up singing and adding life and enjoyment to those who listened.  (At least that’s what she told herself.)  Although Ruby decided to major in music in the third grade, she recalls her first UIL solo in the ninth grade as a deciding point to perform competitively.  Each year following, she would enjoy the training and preparation for competition.


Since high school, Ms. Moultrie has continued her music aspirations.  She obtained a Bachelor of Music Education degree from West Texas State University, now West Texas A&M University, a Master of Vocal Performance from Southern Methodist University, and a Masters of Sacred Music from Perkins School of Theology.  Each degree allowed her to reach another level of her goal of performing.  Ms. Moultrie started “concertizing” while at West Texas State University, and continues still to this day.  God has guided her throughout her journey.  She has been privileged to sing in London at the Prince Albert Memorial Hall.  Ms. Moultrie was the guest vocalist in California where she shared a stage with Governor Arnold Schwartznegger.  Because of her work with known actor and vocalist William Warfield, Ms. Moultrie appeared on the Today show.  Added to her list of performances was having the opportunity to sing for First Lady Barbara Bush.  Most exciting to Ms. Moultrie in her singing career, has been every opportunity to sing in churches all over this country and lead others to a deeper relationship with God.  She continues to give concerts, both secular and sacred, at every opportunity presented.


Special recognition should be extended to her vocal teachers.  In Pampa, in the twelfth grade, Ruby had her first voice lesson with Rosemary Lawlor.  Upon entering WTSU, she studied with Mr. Paul Carpenter and Ms. Elsa Porter.  Ms. Porter, because she expected much from Ruby, helped her establish a strong and lasting foundation for proper singing.  Upon entering SMU, Ruby began studying with Mrs. Barbara H. Moore.  Working on her Doctorate at Texas Tech University, Ruby suffered a ruptured disk and has not studied voice since that time.  Ruby Moultrie gives all praise to God for her gift of music.  She also gives much tribute to her vocal instructors and the support of her family.


Family is important to Ruby Moultrie.  She has been blessed with wonderful ambitious siblings.  As stated earlier, her mother played a vital role in her success.  Her mother taught her about setting attainable goals for herself.  In every town, in every community that Ms. Moultrie has been a part of, she has acquired extended family members.  While in Pampa, Bob and Grace Cory opened their home to her.  Her relationship with that family continues to this day.  From Pampa to Canyon to Dimmitt to Dallas, and then back to the Lubbock area, Ruby’s family grew because of her love for God and her joy of sharing that love with others.


Ms. Moultrie feels that every opportunity and goal along the way leads to another adventure in your life.  Because of her lifelong journey with God, Ruby has recently begun a new and exciting vocation.  Added to her love of music, Ms. Moultrie has entered the life of ministry.  She is enjoying life in Anton, TX as the Methodist minister.  She has been in ministry for many years, the music ministry at every church she attended.  God has now called her to work in yet another area of ministry.  Being a pastor fills her days with excitement and a sense of accomplishment.


Although her years at Pampa are a great memory as well as every mountain and valley experienced, Ruby believes that the greatest adventure of her life has not yet happened.  Each day brings new anticipated adventure. 


Wherever God leads her, Ms. Moultrie plans to meet new friends, enlarge her already awesome family, and introduce people to her very best friend, Jesus Christ.


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