Mascot - The Harvester




Who is this "Pampa Harvester"?

You are viewing a unique sculpture of a physically strong person who might have harvested wheat around the turn of the 20th century near Pampa, Texas.  This "Harvester" has paused to survey the sweep of the horizon, and he seems to see challenges of the future in goals to be met, cities to be built, and lives to be lived.


It is this purposeful spirit of the Pampa Harvester that the artist has captured in bronze, a metaphor of all who have attended and worked at Pampa High School, all who have called themselves Pampa Harvesters--administrators, coaches, counselors, teachers, parents, students, maintenence personnel, cafeteria workers, and visitors who have contributed and who will contribute to the ongoing creation of Pampa High School. Embodied in this statue of the Pampa Harvester are the memories of the past, the excitement of the present, and the accomplishments of the future.  In this emblem of inspiration are the traits of a teacher with a solid combination of expertise and leadership and the character of a student with the persistence and resolve to learn and to perform in academics, in the arts, and in sports.


So if you are a participant in Pampa High School's past, present, or future, you are this person--this "Pampa Harvester."



 -Ted Swindle, Class of 1956